Exciting Kitchen Helper Vacancy at King’s Restaurant

Are you passionate about the culinary arts and looking for a rewarding opportunity to showcase your skills? King’s Restaurant in Fort St. James, BC, is thrilled to announce two exciting vacancies for Kitchen Helpers.

As a crucial part of our dynamic team, you will contribute to creating memorable dining experiences for our valued customers. Join us on this culinary adventure and unlock a world of opportunities at King’s Restaurant!

Job Details

Kitchen Helpers.

Working Time: Enjoy a fulfilling career with a competitive hourly rate of $20.00. You’ll have the advantage of a full-time position with 35 hours per week, ensuring stability and work-life balance.

Terms of Employment: We offer permanent employment, providing you with a secure and reliable job. King’s Restaurant believes in fostering long-term relationships with our dedicated team members.

Start Date: This incredible opportunity is available for immediate placement. If you’re ready to embark on this culinary journey, we’re eager to welcome you aboard.

Location: Our bustling restaurant is nestled in the heart of Fort St. James, BC. Experience the charm of this beautiful rural area while working in a dynamic business environment.

Job Requirements

Languages: Proficiency in English is essential for effective communication and collaboration within our team.

Education: A secondary (high) school graduation certificate is preferred, demonstrating your commitment to education and learning.

Experience: While experience is considered an asset, we also welcome passionate individuals who are eager to learn and grow in the culinary field. This opportunity is open to both seasoned professionals and those looking to kickstart their career.

Work Setting: King’s Restaurant provides a vibrant and fast-paced work environment, ensuring every day is filled with excitement and new challenges.

Key Responsibilities

As a Kitchen Helper at King’s Restaurant, your role will encompass a wide range of tasks. Here are some of the exciting duties you’ll be involved in:

  • Utilize manual and electrical appliances to clean, peel, slice, and trim foodstuffs, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and quality are maintained.
  • Maintain a clean and sanitized kitchen environment, diligently disinfecting work surfaces, cupboards, storage areas, appliances, and equipment to guarantee a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Receive, unpack, and organize supplies in refrigerators, freezers, cupboards, and other storage areas, ensuring ingredients are readily accessible for our talented culinary team.
  • Keep the kitchen pristine by promptly removing garbage and trash, contributing to a tidy and organized work environment.
  • Embrace the role of maintaining the cleanliness of the floors by sweeping, mopping, washing, and polishing, creating a welcoming and safe space for both staff and customers.
  • Play an active role in food preparation by washing, peeling, and cutting vegetables and fruit, ensuring a seamless workflow and supporting the culinary team in delivering exceptional dishes.

Equipment and Machinery Experience: Familiarity with operating a deep fryer is preferred, showcasing your ability to handle specialized kitchen equipment effectively.

Supervision: Working closely with a team of 5-10 individuals, you’ll thrive in a collaborative environment where teamwork and coordination are vital for success.

Areas of Specialization: At King’s Restaurant, we appreciate diverse skill sets. If you possess expertise in advertising, communications, customs services, e-commerce, market research, marketing, or sales, your knowledge will be valued and put to good use.

Security and Safety: King’s Restaurant prioritizes the well-being of our team and customers. A criminal record check and references will be required to ensure a safe and trustworthy work environment.

Personal Suitability: We value the following qualities in our Kitchen Helpers:

  • Punctuality: Being prompt and reliable is essential to ensure smooth operations and exceptional customer service.
  • Client Focus: Providing an exceptional dining experience is at the heartĀ of our mission. Your ability to prioritize customer satisfaction and cater to their needs will contribute to our success.
  • Dependability: We rely on our Kitchen Helpers to fulfill their responsibilities consistently and reliably, ensuring the smooth functioning of our kitchen operations.
  • Efficient Interpersonal Skills: Effective communication and collaboration are crucial in a fast-paced restaurant environment. Your ability to work well with others, take direction, and contribute to a positive team dynamic will be highly valued.
  • Excellent Oral and Written Communication: Clear and concise communication is key in the kitchen. Whether it’s conveying instructions, sharing feedback, or coordinating tasks, your strong communication skills will be essential.
  • Flexibility: Adaptability is vital in the culinary world, where things can change rapidly. Your willingness to embrace new challenges, adjust to evolving circumstances, and assist in various tasks as needed will set you apart.
  • Initiative: Taking the initiative to identify and address tasks that need attention without being prompted demonstrates your proactive approach and dedication to excellence.
  • Interpersonal Awareness: Being aware of the dynamics within the kitchen and understanding the needs and preferences of your colleagues will foster a harmonious and collaborative work environment.
  • Judgement: Making sound decisions and exercising good judgement, especially in time-sensitive situations, is essential for maintaining quality standards and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Organized: A well-organized work approach allows for efficient task completion and promotes a clean and orderly workspace.
  • Reliability: King’s Restaurant prides itself on consistency and reliability. Your commitment to being reliable and trustworthy will contribute to the overall success of our operations.
  • Team Player: Collaborating effectively with your colleagues, supporting one another, and fostering a positive team spirit are all critical aspects of being a valued member of our kitchen team.


King’s Restaurant recognizes the importance of employee well-being and offers the following benefits:

  • Health Benefits: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with health benefits, ensuring you and your loved ones are covered when it matters most.
  • Long-Term Benefits: We value long-term commitment and offer group insurance benefits and long-term care insurance options to our dedicated team members.

How to Apply:

If you are enthusiastic about joining our team as a Kitchen Helper at King’s Restaurant, we would love to hear from you. Please apply via this EMAIL, ensuring you provide the following information:

  • Are you available for shift or on-call work? Your flexibility in scheduling is important to us.
  • Can you start on the advertised start date? If you can join us promptly, it will be an added advantage.

Who Can Apply:

We welcome applications from individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Canadian Citizenship, Permanent Residency, or Valid Canadian Work Permit: Please ensure you meet the necessary legal requirements to work in Canada. Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to applications from those not authorized to work in the country.


Join the King’s Restaurant family and be a part of our thriving culinary team. As a Kitchen Helper, you will play a vital role in our daily operations, working alongside talented professionals in a supportive and engaging environment.

Apply today and take the first step towards a rewarding and fulfilling career in the heart of Fort St. James, BC. We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you to our team